Frequently Asked Questions

Find Web Professionals is an expert Community who invites its members to provide timely and cost effective web, IT and business solutions.  Browse our Help section to learn more. If you still have a question, feel free to Contact a Community Editor Now!

Service Provider Submissions

Who may submit?

If you provide any one service from this service list, you can submit your business website for Community inclusion.

What are the charges for business website submissions?

For a limited time only, we are providing FREE service provider submissions subject to editorial reviews.

  • Approval is subject to qualifying Community submission guideline requisites.
Who qualifies for getting listed?

Our community utilizes experts who actively conduct due diligence upon candidates in order to determine whether a business website qualifies for a listing (or not) based on certain Editorial criteria. We urge you to ensure that your submission conforms to business best practices and properly addresses relevant client needs.

Why did my website not listed after submission? What are disqualification parameters?

There are several reasons that may be attributed to disqualification of your business website being approved and listed. We outline here few most obvious reasons for disqualification, which are implemented at the discretion of the Editor reviewing your submission:

  • Your website design or content are improper or inadequate.
  • You are not providing services relevant to your submission.
  • Your website submission duplicates an existing website’s content.
  • Your website services are deemed, illegal, unfair, inappropriate or inapplicable.
  • Ownership of your website cannot be verified or validated, (we do not accept third party submissions).
  • We could not verify the contact information details found in or through your website.
  • Your monthly payment was declined and did not get credited with us.
What if I pay my listing fee and get disqualified?

Annual listing fees are non-refundable. Such fees support editorial efforts to check submission data, material, content, site validity, web compliance, hosting servers (not being malicious servers), etc. You may resubmit after addressing and curing qualification issues or requirements.

When can I view my approved submission listing?

Editorial review processes average 3-5 business days before a business website listed on our website. All qualified / disqualified business website listings notified via email.

I can’t submit my website images?

We accept submissions only in JPEG/PNG formats. Max file size should be essentially less than 250KB. Image size should be 1000px by 656px and full screen without scroll bar.

How can I edit my submission?

You can edit listing details at your convenience by logging into your user account and click on My Company. You can also edit detail by clicking edit icon.

How can I promote my approved business site?

If your submission is approved, the level of promotional benefit is maximized via Premium annual listings.

I want my business listing to be deleted?

Contact us using your registered email ID (note your listing fees are non-refundable through the term of your listing).

Personal Details and User Accounts

How do I join the Community?

You can join our Community using your email address; alternatively you can also choose to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you register with us, you will need to validate your account via clicking the link sent via email in your account.

How can I Change my Personal Details?

Log into your user account and click on My Account. Here you can change your password, email address, personal details and other contact information.

However, in case of a new email address, you will again need to verify the same by clicking the link sent to your inbox. Once verified, you can log in with your new email address until then your old email address will be used to log into your account.

Forgot Your Password?

Go to Login page and follow the Forgot your password link. You’ll receive email instructions on how to reset your password. In case you feel your account has been hacked please get in touch with us immediately for us to reset your details.

Why should I join the Community?

Our Community provides a convenient means for businesses to quickly find solution providers meeting specific needs. Conversely, experts and service professionals benefit by gaining access to highly qualified prospects.

Request For Proposal (“RFP”)

How can I Post my RFP?

For Businesses and Individual Community Members: Submit your RFP at no cost or obligation. You’ll then be able to quickly qualify and choose from different solution providers to secure the best cost / benefit possible for your RFP.

To be Request for Proposal Post a Project here

Promote your Company with us

How can I benefit from Community listing inclusion?

For Experts and Professional Service Providers: Listing inclusion helps generate high qualified project leads, new customer relationships, and increases in targeted web presence in major search engines.

How can I make my submission for Featured & Premium Listing?

Simply complete your listing application and process your payment using any major credit card.